The replies of the School about the the controversial sexual teaching material

 The president of school said that the teaching material involves some sexual intercourse but the content is small. The reason why they want to add this part of content is to generalize the science with cartoon, and introduce the behavior to the children as telling stories. And this part of knowledge is too important to avoid from the children.

 The chief official in the school said, it cannot escape the possibility to review the content in this book after consulting the parents of the students.

 The teacher in this school said the students in his or her first or second year in primary school are almost realizing they come from their mothers’ abdomen which is much earlier than in 2006, 2007.


The first teaching materials about the sexual for the primary school was published yesterday, “The Steps of Growing up” aroused the heat discussions among the internet users, especially, the part of “Where am I coming?” which has plenty of illustrations for the sexual intercourse.

Some internet users think the explanation of the sex is too much for the primary school students, because it seems too porn. But another group of users think this kind of sexual education can help the children avoiding from the accusing.

One of the editor claimed that, many primary students were curious about where they came from, if which cannot explain appropriately they might find the answer on the websites and the porn books, which will mislead the children. The illustrations can help the children to know what’s going on about the sex, and the children are too pure to imagining the reality, she argued.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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