The protectionism attacks the low-income countries

A report of Global Trade Alert asserts that, in recent years, there are 194 trade protectionism measures been executed which means the protectionism is prevalent again.

Indeed, the trade protectionism all around the world, is the chain reaction of the international financial crisis in 2008. The international experience can prove that, every country, generally, is intend to execute the fiscal expansion polices in the domestic and the trade protectionism to the outside under the affection of the crisis.
The Victims of the trade protectionism, however, are the low-income countries. First, although, those countries have the advantages of low cost, still become the objects of anti-dumping of the developed countries. Second, most of the developing industries in those countries are the low level ones which need the protections and subsidies from the government which coincide the reasons the developed countries execute their anti-dumping policies. Third, the green trade and the technology criteria, for the developing countries, are not as fair as for the high-income ones.
The world need a long time to escape the affection of the international financial crisis, and the protectionism which coexist with the crisis is hardly totally changed. Facing the disadvantage situation, the low-income countries should choose neither the protectionism nor the dropping opening policies and should keep rational and make the appropriate development strategies. They should not only protect their legal interest according to the rules of WTO, but also open their domestic market.
Source: People’s Daily

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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