The new interpretations of Marriage Law do not concern the rural reality

The new interpretations of the Marriage Law do not slow the concerns about the rural females. There were some proposals for paying more attention to protect the rural female’s property rights because the whole Third Interpretation seems have trend to a law just for the unban people’s.

The reality in the rural area, the women should follow the men they married, and the daughters will lose the inheritance as soon as she gets married, they even cannot stand for the property in their husbands when they divorce. The interpretations divides the real estate by the effectiveness of property registration, however, under the rural background, the women have already lost the rights of the real estate belong to their husband and will isolated once they divorced.

Maybe the divorce proceedings always seen among the urban people, however, it is not means this law should be oriented and need not to inspect the reality of the marriage and family patterns. If the legislation bases on the urban society how could the rural people do?

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