The new bridge caused fishes in Fu River died

Two new bridges on Fu River in Nanchang in Jiangxi province have paved asphalt on August 17. After another month, the number of bridges on Fu River will be increased to seven.

The temporary dams were erected about 200 meters on the two sides of two new bridges, along with the accelerated progress of the project. But the dams have become the hell to the fish. The water in the river is black and smelly because the river doesn’t flow for a long time and the weather is very hot. So, many fishes in the river have been died.

The dead fish mixed with gray foam are floating on the water, the stench drifting with the wind.

The water of Fu River imports into Gan River. Fu River is 5.6 km along, collecting sewage and wastewater of half of Nanchang city.

Dead fish filled with the river


A nearby residents is removing the dead fish from the river


An old man feels very sorry for the dead fish


The survived fishes come from the water to breathe.


Dead fish filled with the river


Dead fish filled with the river

Source: Tencent

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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