The nail household was demolished in Chaoyang Road

The nail household that stuck to two years in the Chaoyang Road was forced to demolition by Chaoyang Court in Tuesday morning. So, Chaoyang Road is expected to expand after more than a month.

The old woman Meng, the house’s owner, has yet to agree on the compensation.

In 2009, the area around Meng’s house began to demolition. She didn’t move out of the road because of dissatisfaction with the compensation, becoming nail household.

In January, 2011, Meng was ruled to move away from Chaoyang Housing Authority. In June, the court issued a demolition order.

Meng said

Yesterday, the staff of Chaoyang Court explained that Chaoyang housing authority issued to Meng the award of house demolition dispute. However, Meng and her families were neither apply for administrative reconsideration, nor prosecution, but didn’t fulfill the award, with in statutory period. Since then the housing authority applied to forced enforcement.

The court officers had several conversations with the householder, but the householder didn’t move away.

The resident Li said nail household in the road is prone to traffic accidents. There was a man rolled off his arm in an accident.

However, Meng said she knew it’s bad for the people. Her house is more new than the neighbors and better location, and her and her husband all have physical disability, which should be considered into the compensation.

Currently, Meng lived in a settlement house.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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