The muckraker of Shanxi vinegar issue has resigned

 Wang Jianzhong The vice president of Shanxi Vinegar Industry Association, who exposed the information, has quit his job. And the Shanxi province is trying to vigorously promote their vinegar industry: It cannot destroy the by one person’s words.

 After that, the reporter sent massages to Wang, and tried to contact with him, but could only get few words from him, such as “please wait.” Or “discuss later.”


The Vinegar Industry Association of Shanxi replies the recent accusation of blending and over adding preservative vinegar.

At present, Zhang Jianzhong, the vice president of The Vinegar Industry Association of Shanxi, exposed that 95% of Shanxi vinegar was blended by vinegar concentrate, and the true Shanxi tough mature vinegar ate by the consumers could not reach 5% in sum.

The Vinegar Industry Association of Shanxi asserted yesterday as follows:

first, the vinegar and tough mature vinegar which manufactured by former producers is entirely brewed by crops; second, according to the standards, the vinegar can be added not more 1.0g/kg sodium benzoate and is required to express on the label; third, the irresponsible words of Wang Jianzhong serious violated the reputation of the enterprises of vinegar in Shanxi, the association will preserve the right to sue he.   

Source: Beijing News

Translated and Edited by Yang Jingmin

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