The monument of Japanese pioneers group was smashed and painted


Yesterday afternoon, a Weibo said 5 men planed to smash the monument of the death name list of Japanese development group. The 5 men conflicted with local police in Hei Longjiang province when they plan were executed. And the 5 had already left Heilongjiang and were back to Beijing at 8:40 August 3. 

One of the 5 men Chen Yongfu said to the reporter that he and 4 familiar friends in internet were so angry to the news that the Fangzheng in Heilongjiang province wanted to build a monument for the deaths of Japanese development group. They truly thought this behavior of local government was national humiliation, so they made an appointment to smash the monument.

In the afternoon, August 3, they brought small hammers and red paint to the monument and tried to avoid the police smashing the monument. But the monument was too solid to destroy so they just painted it.

They had been arrested by the police after they painted the monument, and after the police took the note, they were sent free and took the train backing to Beijing.

 Source:  Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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