The money-making of the famous marriage network: hunting ground of One-night Stand

A costly website

Opening the pink website, “Jiayuan”, in which is something waiting for you, the pure love and happy marriage; or the fraud trap, desire, sex trafficking, raping. What is the truth in this famous marriage network?

Xu Yi enrolled an account at the traditional Chinese lover’s day, he wrote the information in the website about “I am single and lonely, my bewildered heart is expecting you leading me walk out from the situation.”

Xu Yi is an employee in IT industry in Shanghai, the busy work and limited life circle caused his single for years. Once he enrolled the account, he found the pink site full of seductive female’s photos. He did not want to lose the chance to know a girl when he found a strange girl sent him a massage through the website. But he found the massage could not read without paying.  
He read her information without hesitating and knew she was unmarried and in her 25 age. There were several beautiful pictures, and he was very satisfied with her, so he paid for massage. He wrote back, however, find the girl never sent him the message, it’s all about the system to seduce him to pay the money.  

Paying for the massage is the first step of the money-making of the website. The most expensive service on the website is marriage hunting, for 200,000 Yuan. The service fee will not return even you cannot find a appropriate mate during the contract period.  

The hunting ground for the one-night stand

Xiao Zhe a singleton, knew the website as a one-night stand hunting ground for a long time. He sent the massages to know girl and finally had his first one-night stand through the website three years ago, he even could not remind the girl’s name and account. He was addicted this kind of exciting without taking any responsibility. Since then, he had the one-night stand with more than 50 girls. There are still some activities organized by the website in the weekend to let the males and females get closer interaction, including physical contact.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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