The judge said abut the Death Row case


At present, a posting about a man in Yunnan, who raped a girl and them killed her and her little brother cruelly, was sentenced to death in the first trial, but later was sentenced to reprieve in the final trial, was discussed heatedly by the internet users. They thought that the killer can avoid to death is unreasonable and cannot withstand by scrutiny.

These internet users who post their opinions attached their real names, ID numbers and the villagers’ joint letters.


And the supreme court in Yunnan re-checks the outcome of the final trial, and then decided to whether start a retrial procedure.

The men raped the girl and then hit her head by a hammer and then lift her 3 years little brother to strike the door. After that he reined the two kids’ necks with a rope to make sure the two were dead.

The relatives of the victims are submitting all kinds of files to court and procuratorate to seek the retrial of this killer and the supreme court said they will be received by the leaders of the court in mid-July.

The judge in this case said the public opinion wanting the killer to been executed by death penalty seemed like just, but it indeed hurt the rule of law.

The press meeting of Supreme Court in Yunnan attempted to explain and solve the misunderstanding did not work. A website user ask the court if the victims who were raped and cruelly killed are the judges’ families, whether they would still sentence the killer not to death or not.

Source: Xinhua and Sichuan News

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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