The involved person of Kunming officials’ pornographic pictures had been threatened

On July 31, a post, entitled “pick up a U disk, pornographic video of suspected officials of Kunming Development and Reform Commission, Discipline Inspection Commission received, please”, released in the Cailong forum ( with three photos. During 8 hours, there were one thousand clicks. And the major websites crazily transferred.

According to the pictures, the photos were taken in January 1, 2007. The video was basically a self-timer.

The poster said he occasionally obtained the U disk in a bath room of a bath center in Kunming. In the post, he said, “ if you know him, please call me, and I will give back the U disk. If the officials of Kunming Commission for Discipline Inspection see that, you can also contact me.”

A man called Kunming information harbor workers to require delete the post. He claimed to have never lost U-disk, and was not the man in the photos. When he found the post, he already reported to the local police.

In the Monday afternoon, the worker of Kunming information harbor met with Mr. Cheng who works in Kunming Development and Reform Commission and is one of the men in pornographic pictures. He said that the man in the pornographic pictures wasn’t certainly him. The so-called pornographic photos were to be PS. He said, “I often appeared in the media. If someone looked for my pictures to PS, it could be so easy.”

Cheng said he had never lost a U disk, and other job-related information and files. He also revealed that he had been threatened before the pornographic pictures issued.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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