The Global Deception with Multiple “Manufactured Crises”



Including the most recent so-called US “Debt Ceiling” crisis, now the infamous “Global Vareity (Obama-Bohner) Show (of deception)”;

also at this very moment the so-called Assad “government’s civilian massacre” crisis in Syria as another “Global Variety Show” of deception exactly like the case of so-called Qaddafi “government’s civilian massacre” crisis since last February so that having justified NATO’s air and sea assaults against the sovereign Libya “with almost 18,000 sorties, 7,000 strike sorties” from March 19 till this very day, August 6;

of course, the so-called crisis of DPRK’s (North Korea) “nuclear issues” for some 20 years, together with the so-called crisis of Iran’s “nuclear weapons program” now almost 10 years;

yes, some 20-30 years of the so-called multiple “drug war” crises, too, starting from downtrodden poor Black ghettos within US to several Latin American countries, most notoriously in Columbia and Mexico so that justifying US-funded “paramilitary” units’ real and horrible “human rights” abuses and “civilian massacres” in those nations;

and the so-called “[freedom, democracy and] human rights crises in China, Cuba, DPRK, Iran, Venezuela, or in any of those independent and self-determined (thereby in nature anti-imperialist) nations which have been constantly demonized by US/Israel/West and their most faithful client nations’ (such as Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the likes) mainstream media outlets (such as CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera and the likes),

are all those above-mentioned crises, though mentioned only a tip of iceberg, REAL crises?

Or are they, as many have argued, the “US/Israel/West-Manufactured Crises”?

If anyone knows who are the most benefited or PROFITED from those crises and who are the worst victims, it seems everybody should be able to identify all those so-called crises as the “Manufactured Crises,” aren’t they?

However, the most manufactured crises have after all ended up like the work of “band-aid” only. Earning a little bit of time only and probably that’s it!

The “attempted deception” acts (like “attempted murder” acts!) of most world’s public as in the cases of Afganistan, China, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, etc. seemed to have instead further deepened their (US/Israel/West) own REAL CRISES both domestically and internationally!

Theyseemed to have eventually realized those manufactured crises not enough for them to get out of their real crises only but also to maintain their “global dominance” continually.

It seems this may be the major reason why people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Reagan administration’s senior official in US Treasury Dept, the author of the “Reaganomics” are deeply concerned the old colonial powers might attempt to manufacture a much greater scale, meaning a global scale of crises, namely the “World War III!”

Much more responsible nations and independent international bodies such as BRICS, SCO, and the likes must do something together urgently to deter, discourage or hopefully stop this global madness of DECLINING US/Israel/Western colonial/imperial powers!

The global community of conscience, peace and justice must act NOW before it’s too late to do anything in order to prevent multiple global disasters from finally taking place!

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.

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