The Foreign Minister of China visit North and South Sudan

The Foreign Minister of China arrived Khartoum the capital of Sudan, and visit South Sudan in August 9. It is the first visit of China since Sudan separated into two countries. Yang Jiechi said no matter how Sudan changed, China will continue supporting Sudan. He also expressed that if South and North Sudan would not cooperate in some dispute issues, there would be risks of losing pace.                

The western media guess that Yang will mediate between the two countries about the oil exports transit fees and how to share the incomes of oil.

The official media of Sudan asserted that Yang expressed in the conference that the local situation is changing deeply but China would not change polices to Sudan. Sudan praised the fair and justice standpoint on Sudan issues, and thank to the aids and supports in economy. Sudan will devote to develop the relations with China and insist on the police of the One-China.

Source: Global Times

Yang Jingmin

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