The Forbidden City recognized misappropriation of ticket-fare

Few days ago, a media exposed the Forbidden City take possess of ticket-fare and damaged some important cultural relics. The article quoted several sources that the museum has occurred to divide ticket-fare of insiders.

According to regulations, all the ticket-fare of the Forbidden City shall be directly hand in to the Ministry of Finance. But the insiders of the Forbidden City collude with tourist guides. The tourist guides can lead visitors into the museum without tickets, but the ticket-fares should be given to the tourist guides, and then the money will be divided between tourist guides and insiders of the Forbidden City.

When the misappropriation of ticket-fares was found and shot down by a person as evidence, the Forbidden City paid 100,000 yuan hush money to this person.

The Forbidden City responded on Wednesday that hush money is a rumor, but misappropriation of ticket-fare is true.

Last week, some internal user said there had been damaged four cultural relics before porcelain in the Forbidden City.

For these troubles of the Forbidden City, the Forbidden City’s management and conservation work have many loopholes. On the other hand, a museum staff said this is the result of the struggle within the Forbidden City.

Source: Beijing Morning Post

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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