Supreme Court: the citizen can sue the rejection to disclose the information

The reporter the information from the Supreme Court that the Provisions Issues of the Supreme Court Hearing Administrative Cases was promulgated recently. The provisions regulated that, the case, if the citizens think the information which gave from the government is not true and to be refused to correction, the court should accept.

The citizen and legal or other organization can sue the government together or individually if they think the administrative behavior of government’s information public violated their legal rights.

The Supreme Court disclosed that the possession of information is obvious asymmetric between the civil rights and pubic power, the civil rights is much weaker especially in the issues of the open of government information. Therefore, the provisions highlight the responsibility of the departments of government.

The provisions claimed that defendants should give the proof about and basis and reason if they refuse to provide the information of government; the defendants, should give the reasons, give an example and explanation about the huge affection of the public interest they thought, if open the information; the defendant should give the reasons to refuse the requires to correct the government record information related with the plaintiff.

Source: People’s Daily

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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