Some experts: damaged porcelain plate has no need to repair for warning

The porcelain plate, a grade-one cultural relic from the Ge kiln, was damaged on July 4 when a laboratory examined it used by a device.

The National Palace Museum said the porcelain plate would be repaired. But some experts said it had no need to repair, although the work was not a big deal.

Ma Weidu, a famous collector explained that the porcelain plate cannot be restored to its original look. He also said that damage to cultural relic has been occurred before, but it wasn’t a great thing.

However, Lai Haijian, CEO and renowned expert for the identification of heritage recognized that the damaged porcelain plate had no need to completely repair, and the major event caused more concern on the management and quality of the staffs.

Lai also suggested that the six pieces of the porcelain plate should be long-term exhibited to remind visitors to heritage conservation.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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