Singh claimed China promised Tibet Dam would not hurt India

According to the report of Global Times, August 5, the Prime Minister Singh claimed that India trust the promise of China to guarantee the Tibet Dam on Brahmaputra would not hurt India. “We trust China’s guarantee,” Singh said, and India had already discussed this program for times. China claimed that the Dam was a river hydropower station which would not store the water, “we believe them and we test the explanation”.

The upstream of Brahmaputra is in Tibet, and the downstream is in India. India worried about the construction of dam in the upstream, even claimed that the share of water resource issues might arouse the disputes between the two countries. Some ideas in India thought Indian should not trust the China’s promise too simply, and demanded the central government of India to make response measures.

Singh said the guarantee of China eliminated the worry of Indian, “at present, Indian should not argue endlessly in this issue, it’s enough. No matter which side instigate first unnecessarily, will destroy the mutual relations between the two countries,” he claimed, “India and China are neighborhood, it accord to the interests of India to keep good relationship with China as possible as we can.”

Source:Global Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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