Shanghai local government denied the demolition of “Fists of Fury” venue

According to Laodong Daily, a century building is facing demolition, which was recognized as the venue of “Fist of Fury”. The news caused widespread concern. Many people said they didn’t understand the government’s behavior.

However, it’s learned from relevant department that the four buildings are nothing to do with “Fists of Fury” whose true name is Jingwu Sports Association. The officials said that the four houses will not be destroyed.

Jingwu Sports Association was founded by Huo Yuanjia, a famous Kung Fu Master in China.

Local government official said that, according to investigation of local cultural departments, Huo Yuanjia found Jiangwu Sports Association in 1910, located at Xiwangjiazhai, moved to Zhejiang Road in 1911 and Huimin Road in 1916, and then move again to Sichuan North Road in 1922.

However, the four buildings facing demolition was built in 1924 and 1931, when the Jingwu Sports Association was not already here.

The local official said, “frankly, we want to have relationship with celebrities, so it’s easier to carry out protection and development. But the information and facts have proved that these houses aren’t belonging to Jingwu Sports Association.”

The four building will be protected. The “拆” (demoliton) on the wall is because of marking in the relocation of residents.


Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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