Sarkozy will visit China soon

The presidential palace of France suddenly announced at August 21 that the president Sarkozy will visit China during his trip to Caledonia, and will have dinner with Hu Jingbao the president of China. This visit aroused many guesses, and the western media generally thought, the European debt crisis might be the main issue of this trip in China. The France newspaper claimed that the plan of the financial transaction tax in EU would have possibility if they could get the support of China. They said Sarcozy had so many issues’ opinions should exchange with China. According to the reports, this visit will be the sixth of Sarcozy to China.

The former plan of Sarcozy’s trip was to Noumea, the capital of Caledonia. And the presidential palace changed the schedule and Sarcozy will reach at Beijing in August 25 and will have dinner with Hu Jingbao, after then, he will fly to Noumea.

Source: Globle Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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