People’s Daily verify the new death list one by one

Recently, there was an internet user released a list online. The list, named “a part of missing people in the following, the Ministry of Railways answer, please”, lists 29 people’s name missing in the Wenzhou rear-end accident.

However, this post has caused many people questioned.

On Monday morning, the list of victims in train crash was proved to inaccuracy, based on investigation.

According to an official, the Ministry of Railways has surveyed the list. At the present, the Ministry of Railways has organized polices and local departments to verify the people’s identities on the list.

Last night, only 13 people can be determined, including two victims in the crash accident. Others are safe.

The other 16 people will be verified.

Two people involved in the list said that they never released any post. The information related to them on the list is purely fiction.

To improve the inquiries about the crash, the authorities set up special enquiry on passengers’ information.

Source: People’s Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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