Organizers promise “no accident” for Universiade food service

Shenzhen the 26th Unversiade vowed to avoid any food accident during the event, according to Shenzhen Universiade Organizing Committee spokeswoman Wang Mei.

“The organizing committee has set a goal of ‘zero accident’, ‘zero outage’ and ‘zero complaint’for the Universiade food service,” said Wang. “At the same time, we are to avoid any poison, drug or deterioration on food.”

According to the regulations of Shenzhen Organizing committee, athletes and officials are to dine in the Universiade village for the sake of safety. Shenzhen Airlines is responded to provide food for those who can’t go back to the village.

Technical officials, referees, media and other invited guests are to dine in the hotels, or reserve fast food from the venues, while spectators can choose the restaurants around the venues and hotels. The organizing committee is to guarantee the safety of the food in those restaurants.

“We want to implement a ‘from farm to table’ monitoring system, and we plan to act the system on Shenzhen citizen’s daily life if it is proved effective during the Universiade,” added Wang.

The 26th Universiade attracted over 10,000 athletes and officials, as well as nearly 5,000 reporters from all over the world to Shenzhen, a young and rapidly developing city in south China.

The 12-day event is to open on Friday.

Global Times

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