Olympic Park tries to recruit talented staff from overseas

Beijing Olympic Park will recruit foreign talent to work for the government.

Project planners, creative designers and multilingual translators are the most wanted, the Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

The Chaoyang district Middle and Long Term Human Resource Development Outline 2010-20 encourages municipal institutions to hire foreign talent.

Foreign employees have a language advantage, which could help promote international cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies, Li Zhe, public relationship executive at British human resources consultancy Antal International in Beijing, told the Global Times.

“Foreigners are often good at lateral thinking and innovation,” Li said. “And they handle interpersonal relations in a more direct way than Chinese. It will also exert a positive influence on Chinese employees.”

District governor Cheng Lianyuan said the Olympic Park should became a national innovation zone for culture and sports development, the Beijing Morning Post reported.

“In a bid to attract top talent, the Beijing Olympic Park will hire foreign talent as formal government employees, who will extensively engage in development of projects,” Cheng was quoted as saying by the paper.

The new building of the National Art Museum and the China National Arts and Crafts Museum will be built in the Olympic Park, according to previous media reports.

The Beijing Olympic Park publicity office did not respond to questions sent via fax by the Global Times Wednesday.

Global Times

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