Officials mull holding off on Fuxing Island’s development

Shanghai’s Yangpu district government authorities are considering easing on development plans for Fuxing Island until infrastructure projects on the island are completed and can meet higher standards.

The issue was discussed earlier this week at a political consultative conference for the district, where authorities mused over the future of the 1.44-square-kilomter island just southeast of Yangpu – the crescent-shaped island is the last piece of land along the Huangpu River bank in downtown area that is suitable for development.

Some representatives at the meeting said that development of the island should be targeted toward high-end clientele, meaning that the quality of development should achieve that of the Hongqiao area and Shanghai Disneyland. Others suggested that it be developed as an extension of Lujiazui to attract more economic prosperity through trade with other parts of the country, particularly the nearby Yangtze River Delta, as well as overseas investors.

But representatives agreed that existing island infrastructure, comprising mostly old roads, power cables, telecommunications facilities and drainage systems, is not yet ready to handle such development, saying such plans may be better off on hold.

The construction of a subway station on Fuxing Island, meanwhile, began last September, and is expected to conclude next year, will improve accessibility of the island to visitors from the city.

Global Times

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