NATO Planning Military Attack On Iran

Last month, former CIA agent Robert Baer said he is “almost certain that such an attack has been scheduled for September ahead of a UN vote on recognizing a Palestinian state”

SEOUL, Korea: Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin says the NATO is planning a military strike against the Islamic Republic to overthrow the Iranian government.

Rogozin said in an interview with Russia’s Izvestia daily newspaper published on Friday that the NATO was pursuing a long-reaching goal of preparing an attack on Iran, adding that the alliance intends to change governments whose views do not coincide with those of the West.

“The noose around Iran is tightening. Military planning against Iran is underway. And we are certainly concerned about an escalation of a large-scale war in this huge region,” Rogozin added.

The Russian envoy further pointed out that Syria and later Yemen could be NATO’s last steps on the way to launch an attack on Iran.

This comes as there are speculations that Israel is preparing for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities to divert attention from Palestinian efforts to join the United Nations.

Last month, former CIA agent Robert Baer said he is almost certain that such an attack has been scheduled for September ahead of a UN vote on recognizing a Palestinian state”.

The mind boggles at the insanity of Nato leaders, who have under false pretenses of “protecting civilians in Libya” have tried to get rid of Gaddafi while killing the civilians they are supposed to “protect.” We the public need to with one voice condemn Nato wanting to take any form of military action against Iran.

The world seems to look to America for leadership and direction, but one thing is for sure, the American’s aren’t leaders, if you want to make a complete mess of things, then look to America for guidance; e.g., America didn’t like how the former Iraqi President Mr Kassim and how he was making sure Iraq was looking after its oil and changing policies that did not favour America, so they assisted in getting rid of him in 1963 and helped bring the Baath Party to power with Saddam Hussein taking charge, only for Saddam Hussein to lead a war against Iran and Kuwait and years later to no longer to be favoured by America under Bush II because of “nuclear weapons that can be dispatched within 45 minutes”, and so it was time for regime change only to make an even bigger mess of Iraq.

American leadership also orchestrated regime change in Iran in 1953. The C.I.A. had secretly helped topple Iran’s prime minister and restore the Shah to his throne, only to see this lead to a revolution to bring about an Islamic Republic against America. Then there’s Vietnam and the recent world recession brought about by the corrupt American banking system with Bush II and Alan Greenspan having led the boom by dropping interest rates to ridiculous lows to see “everyone own a home” only to bring about a bust scenario and a world recession, and then 9/11 because of American biased policy with Israel at the expense of the Palestinian land and water, breeding injustice, leading to the war in Afghanistan & Pakistan and so the list can go on.

Today nothing has changed, America lead the no-fly zone against Libya, only to make a bigger mess of things in a time of increasing oil demand due to the Chinese becoming flush with cash because of America printing hot new cash to pay off its Chinese debt and see an even bigger shortage of oil supplies because of the mess in Libya, then America has the cheek to tell other oil-producing companies to produce more oil.

And now the cherry on top, amidst Nato military intervention in Libya that has gone beyond it’s mandate according to Jacob Zuma, dropping bombs on Gaddafi’s family home and killing some of his family as a legitimate military target to protect civilians; re effect regime change. Now America and Israel want to effect regime change in Iran.

History seems to teach us nothing! The point I’m trying make is stop looking to America for leadership, they haven’t got it, plain and simple. There are decent people in America, but collectively their leadership is corrupt, and Israel is simply beside itself with fear and prejudice driving them to insanity and a war that will see Israel attack Iran with nuclear ballistic warheads and in return see Iran strike Tel Aviv with full-scale, surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. Israel is so small, you don’t need a nuclear bomb to obliterate it, just some serious long-range ballistic missiles that look like space rockets they are so big. Does Israel know this!!!!

From Salem News
Adrian De Villiers

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