More than 100 ancient books is missing in Forbidden City

the complain letter

Recently, a self-proclaimed “worker of Forbidden City” report to the media by a complaint letter, reporting that some books are missing in Rare book Library of Forbidden City Library.

The letter said, “Rare book Library of Forbidden City Library found that some books on the cultural account cannot find in 2009. After repeated search, they still aren’t found. Then the situation was reported to Chen Lihua, vice president of the library. Chen expressed that it shouldn’t be track down. Now, this is still concealed. ”

In the evening of August 18, the relevant department of Forbidden City responded to the letter. They said that Forbidden City cleaned up 200,000 books in recent seven years. At the present, there are more than 100 books under investigation, including some common ancient books, general bindings and prints. Due to half of century historical issue involved, the situation is very complicated, and the clean-up work is still continuing.

It is understood that Forbidden City collected about 400,000 rare books and ancient books, which isn’t recorded into the cultural management system. Many books in Ming and Qing dynasties are large number of varieties, with a high historical value.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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