Ministry of Railways claimed the attendance was found untrue

Ministry of Railways claimed the attendance of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway reach 107% until July 31. The investigation of the reporter, however, found almost every rail had remaining tickets, unlike the opening of the rails.

The Ministry of Railway exposed at August 1 that there were 5,542 bullets and 179 per day in average were operated, 5.26 million passengers were sent and 170 thousand per day, and the attendance was 107% in average.

Aiming to the malfunction of equipments issues, the Ministry of Railway inspected all the equipments to dealing with the security issues.  

The reporter found in the customer service network center that most of the second class rails in the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railways had remaining tickets. The hot choice trains G12, G2, G14 and G16 had 414, just only the second class, had 414, 372, 630 and 624 tickets left for each.

But meanwhile, the only T110 left train which not belongs to the high speed is still hot for the passengers, and no tickets left in few days.

Source: Beijing Times

translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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