Military men are the most honest in the social credit survey of mainland

On August 1, 2011, the “Xiaokang” magazine, affiliated to the CPC Central Committee’s Qiushi magazine, released the report, “2011 China’s Credit Survey”, which reflected the public was dissatisfied with the current state of integrity in China.

According to the survey, soldiers, peasants, students, teachers, and migrant workers are selected as the most honest groups this year, while the intermediary services industry was the worst image of integrity, followed by the food industry.

Survey showed that nearly 90% of interviewees reduced the trust to China’s charitable organizations because of Guo Meimei incident.

Apart from the above information, the investigation also showed that 65.7% of responders believed that the overall social integrity is relatively high in 50s or 60s of the twentieth century, while the last decade accounted for 6.2%.

In addition, farmers and soldiers’ selection rate has been highest in top five integrity groups of the six years’ professional integrity lists since 2006.


Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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