Massage parlor secretly videotapes female client

A massage parlor in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province recently videotaped a female client while she was having a massage without informing her beforehand, reported on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old client, surnamed Wang, said that she found a hidden camera in a corner of the massage room a few days ago while she was having a full body massage, which required total nudity, at the Haipai Massage Parlor located in Gaoxin district.

According to reports, the company has taken out the camera.

An employee of the massage parlor said that they use the camera to supervise employees and that the company has no intention of violating the privacy of clients.

Although the parlor has given Wang an apology and an explanation, she still thinks the company was videotaping her and other clients for unprofessional purposes.

“I’m fairly sure that I was not the only one being secretly filmed,” said Wang.

According to the Shaanxi government’s circular about public security and management of pictorial information, it is forbidden to install monitoring equipment in public places, such as hotels, public restrooms and changing rooms.

Global Times

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