Many people in Tianjin was donated a part of salary to Red Cross


Red Cross inform the level of contributions, listed on the paper

Love Donation Day's notice
“I was donated. When Guo Meimei incident haven’t passed away, the Red Cross dare to deduct our wages as donations, ah?” Xiang Nan, an employee of a company in Tianjin, complained on Wednesday. He said he was deducted a part of wage by the company during “Love Donation Day” of Red Cross of Tianjin.


According to documents of Red Cross of Beichen District in Tianjin, during donation day, it is required that department level officials should donate 300 yuan and the section level officials donate 230 yuan, while the employees of public institutions should donate 1/21 of their monthly incomes. 

Red Cross of Tianjin responded that the donation of “Love Donation Day” take voluntary as the principle. When the numbers in the document are only a reference, they will never allow for directly deducting wages, but we cannot rule out some institutions to do so in order to save trouble. 

The fund-raising target is the employees of local government agencies, institutions and enterprises and other cost-effective enterprises. 

The activity of “Love Donation Day” is carried out in various districts in Tianjin, and many people reflected they have been asked to donate one day’s salary, including the janitor uncle. 

It is verified that the activities, similar to “Love Donation Day” of Tianjin, is very common in many places in China. 

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily  

Translated and edited by Ma Xin 

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