Man fails on 268 blind dates in eight years

A man from Dalian, Liaoning Province admitted during a recent episode of a television dating show that he has failed on 268 blind dates in eight and a half years, the Yangtse Evening Post reported on Thursday.

Xu Changsheng, 31, graduated from Dalian University of Technology and now works in a foreign company where he seldom has chances to meet the opposite sex.

“I lead a simple life, which seems very dull to other people,” said Xu. “I don’t surf on the Internet, I don’t play any internet games and I don’t chat with others online,” Xu added.

“Eight years ago, my spare time began to be filled with all kinds of blind dates,” Xu said.

Xu has recorded every single dating experience in his personal computer since his first date. “My longest relationship lasted three months because my partner and I could not handle the long distance involved,” said Xu.

According to Xu, the reason for his numerous rejections is his tendency to be overly blunt in conversation.

Global Times

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