Islamists are not a threat, but the tool of Western powers

Western powers can reach their goal of starting a new war mostly against oil (or any sort of resource)-rich and sovereign nations once again through a very subtle maneuver of manipulating the patriotic feelings in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

How are Islamists viewed by many in the Western countries? Islamists are a threat, a very serious threat to all the democratic institutions. They grow beards, they put fool face veils on women, give them no rights, and they are fond of jihad, the holy war.

Nevertheless, if Islamists are a threat, if they are so hard to deal with, why do Western powers create the conditions in the Middle East in which extremism is going to flourish?

Although it was hard to find any rational logic in these actions in the beginning, time has given some clarifications.

One can take the situation in Syria as an example.

It was said before that the country has a very complicated internal situation with the government officials coming from the religious group representing the minority of the country’s population. If Syrian government collapses, it might lead to a civil war that could possibly turn into a bloody clash between Sunni and Shia Muslims – two major denominations of Islam.

As for Israel, Syria’s neighbor, a stable but hostile Assad regime would be much better than fighting enclaves. Israeli analysts even predicted that if protesters win, the country might collapse into six pieces, two of which would be Sunni enclaves in Damascus and Aleppo, which would not please Jerusalem, as they would bring instability to the northern borders, and hence more military, political and/or territorial conflicts, skirmishes, troubles or any sort of major military outbreaks might follow through.

So, in that perspective, is there a way for Western countries to use internal Syrian problems for their own benefit? There is one. That is to manipulate Islamist in the region and make them do the first step towards a war.

One should keep in mind, that the US dollar needs a war to survive and to make sure it stays as long as possible as the most-wanted world currency.

How can a new war be started in such a difficult time of economic crisis when it cannot possibly be supported by the world society?

Today’s global community seemed to have become more sympathetic with those who suffer. The information war will be won by those who persuade the public who often become victims or preys by/of manipulation. Both Israelis and Arabs are aware of this and successfully exploit the image of the martyrs and sufferers in the eyes of world community.

It might be Israel, not Iran who’s going to be the next sufferer. Of course it won’t be attacked by the US or NATO. The latter would have to defend the former their ally. For that military action could also justify the continuance of their military budgets at times of severe economic crises in US and all over Europe.

This won’t be like another war started by NATO. It has already miserably discredited itself in the Libyan conflict. Another similar move for a new war in the same region won’t be taken innocently as in the case of Libyan conflict in its first phase by the international community.

Israel is not a NATO member, although they do cooperate. The U.S. and Britain are trying to bring Islamists to power in as many countries as possible. They need these guys to start the war with Israel.

If Western powers manage to collapse the government in Syria and bring Islamists to power in Egypt, the war will definitely happen. It was just the beginning of the so called Arab Spring when Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood promised to cause all the possible complications against Israel, if they come to power.

The coming to power of Islamists in these countries means the inevitable war with Israel.

Well, to spark patriotic feelings, Americans are most probably going to recognize the independent Palestine in September 2011 during the UN vote on the matter. And then it is all set.

In this situation, the territory of Libya is needed as a springboard to spread chaos, to supply weapons to all sides of a future war. Islamic radicals are coming into power in Tunisia, too. They only have to push Egypt and Syria a little bit further.

But as long as Muammar Qaddafi is its informal position, the U.S. plans to foment a new war in the region cannot be implemented.

Anna Varfolomeeva is a reporter and an editor at the 4th Media.

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