Iran Urges West to Avoid Interference in Syria

TEHRAN: : “If pressures mount on Syria, Middle-East will move towards a devastating war!”

Iran on Tuesday called on the western countries, specially the US, to keep out of the Syrian issue, and asked the regional states to help the government in Damascus to settle its internal problems.

“The important point is cooperation among countries to establish durable stability and security in Syria and the regional countries should help to the establishment of stability in the whole region,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said, adding that intervention of the other countries in Syria’s internal affairs is not justified and can create numerous problems.

“Any interference of the western forces, specially the Americans, in the internal affairs of the regional countries will merely increase the hatred of the people towards them,” he added.

Earlier, Head of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi had called on all the regional countries to help Syria settle its internal problems and support the country against any possible US or NATO intervention.

“We should not let Syria become a US victim,” Boroujerdi said in a press conference at Iran’s Interests Section in Cairo, Egypt, last Tuesday.

“We should mobilize ourselves to help Syria, as a center of the Palestinian resistance, to stand firm,” he said, addressing Muslim countries and nations of the region.

Also, a senior Syrian lawmaker had warned against military intervention in his country, and stressed that any war on Damascus will leave devastating impacts on the Middle-East.

“If pressures mount on Syria, the Middle-East will move towards a devastating war and that would be a heavy cost,” Shahada Kamel told FNA last Tuesday.

“In case of a military attack on Syria, resistance groups in the region will not keep silent,” Kamel stated, and dismissed the existence of a trans-regional capability to start military intervention in the Arab country.

The remarks by the Syrian parliamentarian came after Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague said that military intervention in Syria is “not a remote possibility” as he called on the international community to exert stronger pressure on Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Meantime, the French authorities ruled out the possibility of military intervention in Syria, citing that the situation in Syria was different from Libya.

“The situation in Libya and Syria are not similar. No option of a military nature is considered,” Christine Fages, deputy spokeswoman of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said during a regular press briefing.

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