Should Hai Di Lao stylistic joking posts be praised or blamed?

Editor’s note: Hai Di Lao is a hot pot chain, which is famous for its excellent services which seldom in Chinese catering industry or even all industries. “Hai Di Lao’s succeed cannot be copy!” an economist who studied the Hai Di Lao business model as a success case of business administration, and he concluded.

Recently, there are more and more joking posts on the internet by using Hai Di Lao’s service style to satirize social issues.

“I had my dinner in Hai Di Lao, but forgot to bring the money. The forewoman in this restaurant told me it didn’t matter, I could pay up next time. And then, she gave me 50 Yuan to take taxi. I was so moved and promised if I had a car I would drive for Hai Di Lao a month. The forewoman gave a credit card and asked to buy a car right now. She called several waiters and said, “big brother, you sound like an outsider, I suppose that you don’t have the registered residence in Beijing, and we will line up for you to get the one.” A post said.

“The human beings cannot restrain Hai Di Lao”, at present, this kind of posts sounds like the service style are spread rapidly in Weibo, Renren and Kaixin, etc. The internet users begin from surprising to doubting and even tired.

The flooding Hai Di Lao stylistic posts derive from its excellent service brand or the marketing practices of the company, there are different ideas. Li Jiaqing, the manager of investment in Lenovo though it might be a competitors using those posts in the website to beat Hai Di Lao. And Zhang Yong the founder of Hai Di Lao who kept silence before, expressed his appreciation to Li on his Weibo. But Hou Xiaohui the marketing analysis thought it could be a program made by the internet marketing company.

Source: Beijing Daily

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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