Guo Meimei said, her “father” is Wang Jun

On August 3, 2011, Guo Meimei and her mother Guo Dengfeng accepted the interview of Lang Xianping who is a well-known financial scholar in Ningxia TV’s a program, named “Decoding Financial Business”, in response on some hot issues, such as the certified original identity, family history, growth history and so on.

For Guo Meimei and her mother, this is the first time to face the public after showing off their wealth.

In the program, Guo Meimei said, “I wang to say really sorry. I know I am vanity. My behavior, showing off my wealth, maybe not accepted by a lot of people, and made them think the question that why she live a so good life while we have to work so hard. I actually am a quite good in nature. I will not do this in earlier time.”

According to Guo Meimei and her mother Guo Dengfeng, they have accumulated a lot of money because of stocks in Shenzhen in the early 1990s. The widely speculated Maserati car was bought by Wang Jun, once served as nominal director of “Zhonghong Boai”, using his own money to Guo Meimei. In the program, Guo Meimei said Wang Jun is her God-father, not her boyfriend just as previously rumored before. Moreover, her god-father Wang is not the same person in Red Cross, but a businessman.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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