Goran Malmqvist claims some Chinese writers try to bribe him

A Weibo said that Chinese writers try to bribe the judges to get the Nobel Prize, aroused hot discussion in China again. The reporter interviewed Goran Malmqvist and his wife through the phone to testify whether what the Weibo said was true. And Malmqvist enumerated the names who want to bribe him and his wife added that those people might not be regarded as writers. In addition, he said the Chinese writers who he knows well never asked him for anything.

He said he received the letter from China to ask his for help, of course about the Nobel Prize. Those people sent him poetries or novels no matter published or not. China had the greatest population in the world, there were all kinds of people you could found including the frauds, he thought.

Malmqvist told the reporter two stories, one was a poetess in Hong Kong, she even sent him a 5,000 check, and another was an official in Shandong province who sent him 18 letters in 2 years. The official said if he could gain the Nobel Prize Malmqvist could reserve his bonus and he deserved the proud.

Source: People’s Daily Online

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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