Dialogue 11/08/14 New US ambassador to China




Mr. Gary Lock, the new US ambassador to China, may find his uphill battle in Beijing facing an extension of his cabinet mission. The commerce between China and the US has been compounded by trade imbalance, the exchange regime, the dollar decline and the domestic restructuring of the Chinese economy. But the most important bilateral ties in the 21st century may get derailed ultimately with mistrust or rebuilt through smart diplomacy and economic interdependence. Joining us now in the studio are Ambassador Ma Zhengang, former president of the China Institute for International Studies and Mr. Einar Tangen, Biz Times columnist and author. We’ll also speak to Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal, Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute and Ms. Ivy Makelin, General Manager of Beijing Key Frame through telephone interview. But first, let’s take a look at this background report. 


Editor:James |Source: CNTV

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