ConocoPhillips recognized the C platform has been found 10 spill points at Bohai Bay

According to State Oceanic Administration, on Monday, an investigation team, jointly organized by seven relevant ministries for oil spill in Penglai 19-3 oil field in Bohai Bay, found that the waters around Penglai 19-3 oil field still covered by film, oil slick emerged.

Oil leak accident has passed three months from June 4, but the situation has not been controlled, while the oil is still spreading.

ConocoPhillips China has also finally admitted yesterday that 10 spill points of undersea oil leak has been found within 15 meters of the north of C platform of Penglai 19-3 oil field.

Several days ago, the State Oceanic Administration interviewed key persons of ConocoPhillips once again, asking for ConocoPhillips blocking the spill source near B platform of Penglai 19-3 oil field before August 31, and clearing up undersea oil leaked from C platform.

Currently, only a week leaves away from deadline.

The investigation team held three survey forums on Monday. It requested that the relevant authorities should objectively and comprehensively assess the loss of fishery resources and fishermen to quickly and clearly explain to fishermen, and pay close attention to compensation in accordance with current laws and regulations. The approximate amount of compensation is unknown.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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