Civil service’s salary, allowances and subsidies is on the reform way

Human Resource and Social Security are responsible for drafting the proposal, “public service units’ performance pays system”, will be soon issued recently. Meanwhile, relevant departments of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security have begun to research the civil services’ allowances and subsidies situation. After the research, the case, “the civil servants’ regional additional allowance subsidy plan”, will begin to draft to prepare for the civil servants’ wage reform.

It is reported that the new pay system mainly related to those public welfare institutions reformed in the classification.

According to the State Council’s document issued in March, the business units in public nature were subdivided into first-class and second-class public.

Some official said, the job performance pay system will be fully implemented in the two types of public welfare institutions.

Besides, the allowances and subsidies has become an invisible income for the civil servants because of the determined basic wage.

The official said, the research is for allowances and subsidies in order to find out specific gaps in different regions to minimizing the income gap of the civil servant in different areas.


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