City management officers detained after riot

GUIYANG – Authorities in Southwest China’s Guizhou province said Sunday that police have detained several city management officers whose conflict with a driver sparked a violent confrontation with local police. 

More than seven city management personnel were detained after a fight broke out Thursday between the officers and the owner of an illegally parked vehicle, said a spokesman from the judiciary department of Qianxi county, where the riot erupted.

Protesting crowds gathered in front of county government buildings Thursday afternoon, turning over a vehicle belonging to city management staff and attacking police who came to take control of the situation.

A total of 10 vehicles were smashed, while another five were set on fire. More than 10 police officers and security staff were injured.

The crowds dispersed Friday morning. Police detained more than 10 people who allegedly struck and burned vehicles.

The case is still under investigation, said the spokesman.

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