Chongqing is the most secure and stable city in mainland

The community has installed iron-gate
Zhou Minghua, a supernumerary police jokes that he will lose his job because of good social order

Chongqing ranks first in 2010 national social security comprehensive management assessment which is consist of 70 indicators in 8 aspects.

At Tuesday’s press briefing, Liu Guanglei, member of standing committee of Chongqing Municipal Committee and Secretary of Municipal Politics and Law Committee, introduced that this is the first time to be NO.1 in the social comprehensive management evaluation.

The evaluation of National Social Security Comprehensive Management began in 2004, was approved by the central government to assess provinces’ and autonomous’ social management. The main assessment includes people’s safety evaluation, defeating serious crimes, mediating conflicts and disputes, comprehensive grass-roots infrastructure, community management and so on.

Liu said the city public security index has increased significantly in recent years. According to research, the index is more than 90% for seven consecutive years, up to a high record of 95.89% in 2010. In national comprehensive evaluation, Chongqing ranked 19th in 2008, 13th in 2009 and first in 2010. The evaluation results fully explain that Chongqing has become the safety and most stable city in China.

Source: Chongqing Evening News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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