Chongqing female nurse do artificial respiration to the drowned elder

On July 27, 2011, a witness uploaded the pictures of rescuing a drowned elder to the network. And soon, the girl in blue clothes who is felling to her knees to do artificial respiration to the drowned elder caused the public’s attention, called “the most beautiful girl”. However, when the 120 ambulance picked up the elder, the girl quickly disappeared in the crowd.

It is learned that the girl in blue clothes is a nurse in Youyang County People’s Hospital. Her name is Yu Shuhua.

Luo Rui, the doctor arrived on the scene with 120 ambulance, said that according to the requirements of artificial respiration, the rescuer and the patient’s mouths should be separated by a layer of gauze. But the girl did it in mouth to mouth directly in the emergency situation, running the risk of infecting the disease to save the person. Her behavior also gained awe from colleagues.

Unfortunately, the elder eventually died because of drowning too long.

Source: Tencent

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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