Chinese concert marks anniv. of ties with Austria

VIENNA – The orchestra from eastern China’s Jiangsu province presented a concert of Chinese music Sunday evening in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties with Austria.

With the subtitle of “Music Attraction from Province Jiangsu”, the symphony concert has demonstrated the cultural essence of the Chinese nation through the performance of a series of classic Chinese folk music works, including “The moon reflected on the Erquan Spring”, “Yao Nationality Dance”, “Night Mooring at Maple Bridge” and “Yangzhou Mirror.”

Female solo “Beautiful Taihu Lake” portrayed the vast expanse of water scene of Taihu Lake to Vienna through graceful, clear, and fluent melodies with the characteristics of the water village.

Male Solo “the Motherland, Gracious Mother” expressed Chinese people’s affection and loyalty to their motherland.

The concert is part various activities to mark the 40 anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Austria.


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