Chinese anxiety

Anxiety of Chinese is not the feature of the vulnerable groups any more but spread to the all the people and becoming a general phenomenon all around the society. The social stress adds the non-identity of the society which caused the nervous relationships among the members in there. Moreover, it will decrease of the cooperation and by contrary, to keep focus on the short-sight. To release the anxiety, the government should play a core role to build better development institutions and provide more opportunities to the people, especially to the young people. Creating a larger space for them to improvement, improving the social assurance system to stabilizing the predictions of the future and expanding the space to release the emotions of the people, by which the people will transfer the anxieties to the motivations of seeking the happiness. As a individual, people should keep a right cognition to the society, a appropriate self-evaluation and a active health life style.

Source: Xinhua

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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