China’s sex ratio declines for 2 straight years

BEIJING – China’s sex ratio has declined for two straight years, which shows the nation’s increase of sex ratio at birth has been preliminarily brought under control, China’s chief of population and family planning said on Tuesday.

Li Bin, director of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, made the remarks at a press conference regarding the work of the crackdown on illegal sex determination and sex-selective abortions for non-medical needs.

China’s sex ratio at birth was 118.08 males for every 100 females in 2010, according to census data, Li said.

According to figures from the National Statistics Bureau, the ratio stood at 119.45 in 2009, marking the first decrease since 2006 when the 11th Five-Year Program started.

“However, we must be sober-minded that, the sex ratio at birth in China is still at a relatively high level,” Li said, adding that if the trend continues it will jeopardize gender equality, development of girls, lawful interests and rights of women, and the nation’s long-term development.

Li called for great efforts to be made in clamping down on illegal sex determination and sex-selective abortions, while strengthening monitoring.


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