China to enhance modernization of military forces

BEIJING – China will steadily reform national defense and the army and constantly modernize the military forces, said China’s Minister of National Defense.

Defense minister Liang Guanglie made the remarks at a reception in Beijing Sunday celebrating the 84th founding anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

August 1 every year is China’s Army Day.

“In the world today, peace, development and cooperation remains the trend of the times. However, world peace and development faces multiple challenges. China is going through unprecedented and extensive social changes,” said Liang.

He said the army faces more arduous and heavier tasks and should stay alert to challenges.

He called for enhancing the capability to accomplish diversified military tasks, with the capability to win local wars under the conditions of informatization at its core.

“We will expand and deepen preparedness for military struggle, vigorously carry out military training under the conditions of informatization, promote independent innovation in defense science and equipment development,” said Liang.

He also called for accelerating the building of modern logistics, intensifying the training of high-caliber and new-type military personnel, actively and steadily carrying out defense and military reforms and constantly modernizing the PLA.

Liang, also a member of China’ Central Military Commission and a state councilor, said the army will continue to oppose and deter the secessionist activities for “Taiwan independence” to make due contributions to the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and China’s complete reunification.

He also pledged working for long-lasting peace and common prosperity of the world.

“(We will) continue to follow the independent foreign policy of peace, deepen friendly exchanges and cooperation with the armed forces of other countries and contribute to building a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity.”

Over the past 84 years, the PLA has made outstanding contributions to safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity as well as advancing China’s economic and social development, said Liang.


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