China Charity Federation was exposed to additional contributions for invoice

Luo Fanhua


On August16, Luo Fanhua, a staff of Suntech Company, said that cash donations should be given to China Charity Federation to relax review for invoice. He said that this is an unspoken rule, because donations aren’t important as long as additional conditions so that they wouldn’t examine rigorously.

According to Luo, when he handed the 50,000 yuan of transfer check to the accountant of China Charity Federation on April 28, the accountant then issued 15million’s invoice to him. Luo took out the invoice to show.

Luo said China Charity Federation issued 17 million of invoice when his company donated 80,000 yuan.

The official of China Charity Federation said China Charity Federation doesn’t extract management fees for accepting donations. China Charity Federation also doesn’t take government funds and isn’t national organization. The federation is supported by original funds and interest to operation and development.

In the end, it is learned that Luo Fanhua was fired by Copyright Society of China.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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