China and the US should avoid the strategically misunderstanding

The vice president Xi Jinping and Briden had a conference in Great Hall yesterday morning. Both of them highlighted the more common interests they have and the more responsibilities they will take.

Xi proposed that the United States and China should treat each other more objective and rational, and both of them also need to make the exactly judgment of each other’s strategic intent to increasing the strategic trust between the two countries.

Recently, the increasing of the global economics is confronting the challenges of the financial crisis. As the largest economies around the world, both China and the US have the responsibilities to strengthen the coordination of the macroeconomic policies to promote the recovery of the world economics.

It is the key point to make sure the stable development of the relations between the two countries. Chinese people not only cherish the development path and the political system which they chose, but also cherish and sovereignty and the territorial integrity. Taiwan and the issues relates with Tibet are the core interests of China.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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