Chemical soy sauce may lead to cancer

The soy sauce cannot be distinguished between brew and compound. Many businesses said their soy sauce is pure brewing to compete.

Hong Kong media reported on Tuesday that chemical soy sauce with a chemical configuration had been found on sale, and pointed out that the chemical soy sauce may release carcinogens.

Soy sauce, as vinegar, is divided into two types under national standard, brew and compound. The compound soy sauce must contain more than half of brewed soy sauce, which means that any soy sauce doesn’t contain brewed soy sauce is illegal.

The experts pointed out that if the process control strictly, the compound soy sauce doesn’t produce carcinogens, but it must contain more than 50% of brewed soy sauce. However, there is no way to distinguish between brew and compound, so that many unscrupulous traders claimed all their products are brew soy sauce, even if it is compound, according to investigation.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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