Central Bank exposed to stabilize the price

The Central Bank public the Chinese Monetary Policy Report in the second season, and point that, they would regular the demand of capital and the investment and saving behavior with controlling the means of price regulation such as interest rate.

The report point that, the Central Bank will measure the stable monetary policy and insist the basic trend of controlling, and regard the stabilization of the price as a priority task of it.

The report judged, the situation of the price was not optimistic. The sum of the demand might be stable sine the categories of policies show their function. The international commodity prices could not have a certain trend, and the presses of inflection still exist.

The report exposed the nominal effective exchange rate depreciated by 1.5%, and the real effective exchange appreciation 18.91%, since the reformation of RNB exchange rate formation mechanism start from 2005.

Source:  People’s Daily

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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