Biden will visit China and may discuss the arms sale to Taiwan

The Vice President Joseph Biden will visit China, Mongolia and Japan since August 16. The western media are concerning about the attitude of China because the wide accusations about the United States’ debt. Biden will hold meetings with Chinese leaders consulting the bilateral relations between China and US, regional issues and global issues. Taiwan media, however, take more concerns on the issue of arms sales to Taiwan.

The vice president office did not expose how long Biden will stay in China when they claimed the information of visiting. The report claimed that Biden and the leaders of China would discuss the issues of mutual relations and the wide international ones, besides, Biden would visit Chengdu, in Sichuan province. This visit of Biden had been discussed since Hu Jingtao visited America in January this year.

The motivation and occasion of Biden’s visiting arouses discusses among the western media. They think this trip is conducted after the agreement of the debt limit, and the debates in America arouse the biggest lender China’s concerns.  

Jin Canrong the professor in Renmin University said, Biden has two goals in this visit, one is informing China about the arm sale to Taiwan, and hoping China will not over reaction, the other is inviting Xi Jinping to visit the United States.

Source:Global Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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