Baidu, don’t allow money became the criterion for all

Baidu, already own the great power of internet recently, especially after Google withdraw from the market of China, became the largest search engine in China and got the power of monopoly. Many enterprisers could only obey the rules of Baidu to avoid be shielding or blocking under the background.

Power is a double-edged sword, if cannot use well, will hurt the users by their own. Whatever the power of internet companies is, it derives from the giving of users. The companies cannot treat the trust of users to pursue only to the money as getting the eggs by killing the hens by which behavior, it will be abundant by the users finally.

At the same time when Baidu was exposed, the news about Google bought Motorola became the headlines of many media. Someone said, there are three kind of internet enterprisers, all is for money, all is for the rich people and the ones all is for the people. It tests the managers’ intelligence for choosing which development model to run the enterprisers. Anyhow, the motto “money is the passport for the fraud enterprises, the monopoly is a epitaph for the monopolized site.”

Source: People’s Daily Online

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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